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2015 CHRISTMAS CD SALE - 3 for $29.99

This year for Christmas we are offering 3 CDs INCLUDING BLUESOUL for $29.99

For this amazing price you get: Big Money, Brother of The Blues AND BLUESOUL!

We will continue to offer this amazing deal until the CDs are sold-out or December 26th which ever comes first.

You can never go wrong with MUSIC as a gift. Terry's music appeals to all ages.  If you tell us the recipients of your gifts Terry will be happy to personally autograph each CD before it is shipped out. 


Email or call 613 676 0880 to take advantage of this special offer. 

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BLUESOUL - Terry Gillespie, CD $20.00 Autographed



 "...Like Mark Knopfler, JJ Cale or JB Lenior, he is a player whose    comfortable voice perfectly suits his economical deep guitar grooves. Nothing’s wasted and nothing’s missing. “

 Holger Petersen, CBC’s Saturday Night Blues, CKUA’s Natch’l Blues and Stony Plain Records


Terry Gillespie and The Granary Band

Brother of the Blues 2006 - CD $20.00 Autographed


Today their music is a sweet tiramisu consisting of liquor-soaked layers of Blues, Reggae, Country, and Jazz. Rated 9 out of 10 BluesWax. Richard Ludmerer, Vice President, New York Blues and Jazz Society, is a contributing editor at BluesWax




Heaven's Radio

Heaven's Radio Rendezvous $25.00 - 2 CD Boxed Set


Heaven's Radio "Active" and "Uptown Babies" digitally remixed and mastered with 4 bonus tunes!  "Heaven’s Radio leaps ahead with Uptown Babies. This is the kind of album you would like to take home to meet your mother. This is one of the best albums to come out of anywhere by anybody in a long time. – Victor Botari "

This is the re-release of the albums ACTIVE (1979) and UPTOWN BABIES (1980) with bonus tracks in a boxed set.



Big Money

Terry Gillespie - Big Money - CD $20

BIG_MONEY_cd_cover_csm.jpg Big Money consists of ten original tunes and Scared which was composed by Peter Karp & Sue Foley who accompany him on this lovely interpretation of their song.  Bonus live track You don’t Love Me by Willie Hobbs, features the guitar work of Vince Halfhide.  Three of the tunes: Soul on Fire ,  Blood on You  and  Jones are contemporary protest songs. The title song, Big Money, is a light hearted spoof at the music industry.  Infectious grooves are in Terry’s DNA, ergo, Big Money is a groovy CD!

The cigar you see Terry smoking in the artwork is handmade from tobacco he grew at home, cured and rolled especially for the cover shot,  all organic - all homegrown.

Terry Gillespie & The Granary Band

AGAIN $15.00 - Classic Blues recorded live. - CD

"One of the best good time CDs in Canadian Music history" Real Blues Magazine.