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Terry Gillespie: Music

Tell Old Bill

(Terry Gillespie)
November 7, 2011

Title: Tell Old Bill (3:55)
Interpreted by: Terry Gillespie, resonator guitar and vocals
Accompanist: Lyndell Montgomery - violin pizzicato * Wayne Stoute - percussion
Carl Sandburg first heard this grim blues-ballad from Nancy Barnhart of St. Louis back in the 1920s. Ten years later, folklorist and singer Sam Hinton came across an African American farmer in Walker County, TX who sang another version. And in the late 1950s, Bob Gibson introduced "Tell Old Bill" to a wider audience when he recorded an interpretation of Sandburg's version. Terry first heard Dave Van Ronk do the tune in the 60s, it stayed with him all this time and now it is his turn to ‘Tell Old Bill’.